Rob Biddulph to attempt world record for largest online art lesson

Rob Biddulph to attempt world record for largest online art lesson

Children's author and illustrator Rob Biddulph is attempting to break the world record for the largest online art lesson,supported by HarperCollins and global talent investor Entrepreneur First.

The challenge will see Biddulph teach participants to draw a blue whale, via his YouTube channel. To successfully break the world record, 10,000 unique users will need to join the lesson for half an hour.

The challenge was inspired by Biddulph's lockdown drawing video series #DrawWithRob, which has attracted over three million households.

Biddulph said: “I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the response to #DrawWithRob so far. What began as a way to bring a bit of fun and excitement to children across the country (and a bit of respite to their parents!) has quickly turned into a routine that’s making people feel connected to something bigger than themselves. The lessons have become great way of bringing people together and bridging divisions at a time when we all really need it most.

The challenge aims to raise money for charities working in the fight against Covid-19. In order to raise money, employers are being asked to pledge £10 for every employee that attends the lesson.

Sam Barnett, president of Entrepreneur First, said: “As a parent, an artist and business leader myself, I wanted to find a way to bring these components together during this uniquely challenging time. Overnight, the world went into lockdown and parents everywhere were suddenly faced a new daily challenge; trying to balance work with educating, entertaining and caring for children at home. As a result, initiatives like #DrawWithRob have become extremely popular—offering a bit of relief for parents and providing children with some educational fun, which we want to build on further.

"The Guinness World Records attempt is an opportunity to unite people of all ages and backgrounds in an enjoyable and safe way. Not only does it help to reinforce the #StayAtHome message, but it gives people a chance to make history at home.

“The benefit of art and creativity on mental health and mindfulness should not be underestimated in the current circumstances. For that reason, I hope that many companies will join Entrepreneur First in getting behind this initiative to bring teams in isolation together and help raise money to combat to impact of Covid-19."

The attempt will take place online via Rob Biddulph’s YouTube live stream channel on 21st May at 4pm.