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Who to contact for previews, supplements and The Bookseller Daily editions.


The Bookseller runs monthly previews in the print magazine and online for New Titles: Fiction, New Titles: Non-Fiction, Children's Preview and the Paperback Preview. Please note, these are not reviews, but rather previews of upcoming titles selected with our core readership of booksellers in mind.


Publishers must submit titles for consideration four months ahead of publication for the books previews and for an author profile. See The Bookseller Publishing Calendar for exact deadlines. The book previews appear in the magazine three months ahead of publication to aid booksellers with their buying decisions.

Please note, the books previews are a selection of titles publishing in a particular month, and submission does not guarantee inclusion. As the primary function of the books previews is to aid high street booksellers with their buying decisions, we are currently unable to accept submissions from self-published authors.

New Titles: Fiction
A monthly preview of hardbacks, trade paperbacks and paperback originals.
Submissions process: complete a submissions grid (contact books editor Alice O’Keeffe for this) and return via email with an AI* for each title. Bound proofs* and reading material (no paper manuscripts please) should be sent to our office (The Bookseller, Stage House, 47 Bermondsey St, Bermondsey, London, SE1 3XT), marked for Alice's attention. CORONAVIRUS UPDATE please do not send hard copy submissions to the office, contact Alice for her home address.

New Titles: Non-fiction
A monthly preview of hardbacks, trade paperbacks and paperback originals.
Submissions should be sent to Caroline Sanderson, St Ives, Frome Park Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 3LF (07958 558196). Hard copies by post of all materials preferred but submissions by email are also accepted (to carosande@aol.com). AIs essential; bound proofs and manuscripts welcome where available; pdfs also accepted. No grid required.

Paperback Preview
A monthly preview of second edition fiction and non-fiction paperbacks.
Submissions should be sent by email to Alison Flood, at paperbackpreview@gmail.com. AIs essential; she will request PDFs of the titles she wishes to see. Please contact Alison for the grid on which submission details need to be entered.

Children's Preview
A monthly preview of all Children’s and Young Adult titles.
Please email a covering letter, AIs and materials (manuscripts, sample pages etc) to fionanoble@btinternet.com AIs should be in a single PDF document where possible, please send large files via WeTransfer or similar. Proofs can be sent to Fiona Noble, 24 Water Ditchampton, Wilton, Wiltshire SP2 OJA but no paper manuscripts please.

Discover Preview 
A monthly preview of first publication of titles in print from any genre (including fiction, non-fiction and children's) which highlight books and authors from marginalised communities, including but not restricted to Black, Asian and minority ethnic, LGBTQ+, disabled, and working-class writers. This preview runs one month ahead of publication dates. 
Electronic submissions, including an AI, may be emailed to Natasha.Onwuemezi@gmail.com; publicists wishing to send printed material may email Natasha for her address in the first instance.

Guide to terminology
AI* = Advance Information sheet, aka TI (Title Information sheet). An A4 size sheet containing all the essential information about a book. This typically includes:
• Author name, illustrator name (if applicable)
• Title of the book
• Name of the publisher and/or imprint
• Full bibliographic information: publication date, format, price
• Image of the book’s cover
• Brief synopsis of the plot
• Backlist (author’s previously published titles)
• Relevant sales points eg quotes from earlier reviews
• Short author biography
Bound proofs* = refers to an early physical copy of the book, also known as an advance reading copy (ARC)



The Bookseller currently runs a number of Category Spotlights, including:

  • Food & Drink
  • Audiobooks
  • Non-book Product
  • Art, Architecture & Photography
  • Humour

In addition, the COUNTRY FOCUS and GENRE FOCUS areas include:

  • Ireland
  • Wales
  • Scotland
  • Travel

Submissions of AIs should be sent via email to the Books Co-Ordinator Tamsin Hackett. Please ensure file sizes are kept to a minimum. 

Submissions of proofs, sample chapters and large files: please email the above address in advance to make arrangements.

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The Bookseller Buyer's Guide and Children’s Buyer’s Guide list thousands of titles coming out in the UK in the next six months. There are two editions of Buyer’s Guide per year.

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The Bookseller publishes daily editions during the London Book Fair, Bologna Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair.

For editorial queries or pitches for The Bookseller Daily, contact Tom Tivnan by email or send information to The Bookseller, Stage House, 47 Bermondsey St, Bermondsey, London, SE1 3XT.

For advertising queries for The Bookseller Daily, contact Emma Lowe by email or call 07787 926079.



For editorial and general enquiries contact The Bookseller on 020 3358 0360 or visit our contacts page.