Hachette staff take on the gender pay gap with live performance

Hachette staff take on the gender pay gap with live performance

Hachette's Gender Balance Network is putting on a performance at the publisher's offices today (2nd October) to address the issue of the gender pay gap in an "informative and humorous" way.

The performance, taking place at lunchtime, will comprise a series of skits, based upon many of the studies, news articles and testimonials published on the gender pay gap over the last 40 years. All have been adapted for stage, written and performed by Hachette staff.

Highlights will include: a piece inspired by an article published in 1978's Spare Rib Magazine, documenting a time when women in drag stormed Fleet Street Wine Bar El Vino, near Carmelite House, to protest its ban on women buying drinks at the bar; audio transcripts from Women in Publishing History, airing the discussion of women's experiences of working in publishing over the past 40 years; and a performance based on articles on the pay gap from The Guardian and The Pool.

It has been organised by the same team that also put on a performance celebrating The Vagina Monologues (Virago) on Valentine's Day, raising over £500 for charity. This time, audience members are being asked for donations to the Fawcett Society, a UK charity campaigning for gender equality and women's rights.

In March, Hachette reported a median gender pay gap of 24.71%, although taking into account its distribution arms the Hachette Group had a median gender pay gap in women's favour at 1.32%. Hachette has since set targets to get more women into senior roles, aiming to make its top pay quartile 66% female by 2020 (the same proportion of women that make up Hachette UK Group's workforce currently).