Crowdfunding target reached for cancer patient’s picture book

Crowdfunding target reached for cancer patient’s picture book

The team behind a picture book created by Lisa Wells, who has terminal cancer, has surpassed its initial crowdfunding target of £5,000.

Wells, who was diagnosed with terminal bowel and liver cancer last year, wanted to put together a picture book about the death of a parent to read to her daughters, but also to help other families in the same situation. Author Michelle Robinson helped write the text and launched a crowdfunding campaign to pay for production costs.

The total money raised currently stands at £5,455 and Robinson has raised the goal to £5,500 to publish more copies of the book.

There’s Only One of Me is being illustrated by Tim Budgen and Catalina Echeverri and published by Welsh independent Graffeg.

The team are now planning to produce the book within weeks. Last week Robinson said on her blog: “Tim and Catalina will be burning the midnight oil to get this done. They will doubtless have times of frustration and anxiety, not to mention jaundice from not seeing daylight, severe wrist cramp and stiff necks! I’ll be mopping their brows, sending coffee and basically cheering them along. I hope you’ll join me in sending them your love and encouragement along the way.”

Two versions of the book will be produced - one for mums and one for dads - and the team are still deciding on whether to do one set of artwork or two, she added.