Simon & Schuster prepares Mueller Report e-book release and 'hefty print run'

Simon & Schuster prepares Mueller Report e-book release and 'hefty print run'

Simon & Schuster (S&S) is gearing up to release an e-book version of the Mueller Report on Friday (19th April), with print copies hitting the shelves by the end of the month.

A redacted version of Robert Mueller’s 400-page report, giving details of the two-year investigation into alleged links between the Trump camp and Russia, was made public today (Thursday 18th).

S&S, which is publishing the document in the UK, said there would be a “hefty print run” of its trade paperback to follow Friday’s electronic release.

Alongside the report itself, the book, officially slated for a 30th April release, will also draw on the Washington Post’s reporting of the investigation.

An introduction by Post journalists Rosalind S Helderman and Matt Zapotosky "will provide exclusive analysis, based on reporting that won the Post the Pulitzer Prize last year and that has continued with equal vigour ever since,” S&S announced in February. 

Ian Marshall, deputy publishing director, said: “With the Washington Post’s award-winning writers giving our edition of the Mueller Report unrivalled context and clarification, this is the version that will take readers to the heart of the debate about Trump’s behaviour during the election, and explain things that might otherwise be unclear to a British readership.

“We have put in place a hefty first print run to cover the immense interest in what the report really has to say, and our printers are geared up to provide us with fast reprints as and surely when they will be required. We expect copies to be landing in bookshops well before the month is out and, for those who can’t wait that long, the e-book goes live on Friday.”

It will be published as a trade paperback by Scribner in the US, with the firm telling Publishers Weekly it would come off the press on 26th April or earlier with up to 400,000 copies in the first printing.