S&S UK to publish 'The Mueller Report'

S&S UK to publish 'The Mueller Report'

Simon & Schuster UK, US-based Scribner and the Washington Post will publish 'The Mueller Report' instantly as an e-book and paperback edition. 

In addition to publishing the findings of Special Counsel Robert S Mueller - when and if they become public - The Mueller Report will draw on the Washington Post’s extensive reporting on the investigation.

An introduction by investigative journalists Rosalind S Helderman and Matt Zapotosky, of the Post, "will provide exclusive analysis, based on reporting that won the Post the Pulitzer Prize last year and that has continued with equal vigor ever since,” S&S said. 

"The book will also include the Special Counsel’s most pertinent filings including criminal indictments, a timeline of significant events, and a cast of the investigation’s key figures,” the publishers said. The Post’s contributions to the book will be edited by its national security editor Peter Finn.

This publishing effort by the Post was launched by executive editor Martin Baron. Scribner v.p. and editor-in-chief Colin Harrison acquired the book from Todd Shuster and Bridget Matzie of Aevitas Creative Management. The Mueller Report will also be published by S&S UK and as an audio edition by S&S Audio.

“We are at a supremely important moment in American history,” Baron said. “The Post has dedicated vast reporting resources to the Special Counsel’s investigation and the events that led to it, and we are now proud to join with Scribner in providing context and perspective.”

“The Mueller report is the most anticipated investigative document of this century, and its findings are of vast importance to the United States and to the rest of the world,” said Nan Graham, senior v.p. and publisher of Scribner. “We are thrilled to partner on this book with the Washington Post, whose reporters and editors have provided indispensable and authoritative analysis of Robert Mueller’s historic investigation and the related filings.”

Described by S&S as “one of the most urgent and important special investigations ever conducted in US history", the Mueller report may focus on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, President Donald Trump and his presidential campaign. It could draw on the testimony of dozens of witnesses and the work of some of the country’s most seasoned prosecutors.

"The Special Counsel’s investigation looms as a turning point in American history, which will make The Mueller Report essential reading for all citizens concerned about the fate of the presidency and the future of our democracy,” S&S said.

Mueller was appointed to head a special investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election "and related matters” almost two years ago, as reported by the BBC, and could be published any day now. More than two-thirds of voters surveyed, 68 percent, said the report should be made public, according to Politico