Kogan Page launches book written with help of AI

Kogan Page launches book written with help of AI

Kogan Page has published the first book on Artificial Intelligence written with the help of AI, in its latest Inspire series title Superhuman Innovation.

In Superhuman Innovation:Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence, Chris Duffey and conversational AI agent, Aimé, have an "insightful and lively dialogue" describing the ways in which AI and machine learning can impact business innovation, supercharge the workforce and ‘up level’ humanity to superhuman capabilities.

“In the context of this book, the AI function is a suite of technologies each building on a different set of concepts, approaches and infrastructures. Aimé is part conversational text and part conversational speech, and, via machine learning, will only get smarter over time,” said Kogan Page. “Aimé’s name is derived from the French phrase for beloved (bien aimé) and is also a symbolic combination of AI + me.”

Kogan Page m.d. Helen Kogan said: “We were intrigued to see how AI could be used to explain complex theories in an accessible way and the impact it would have on the writing process. No, AI won’t replace authors, but it can act as an enabler to support research, analysis and provide context to contemporary business issues. Chris Duffey’s use of AI has been a revelation and we’re delighted to publish our first human/machine collaboration.”

Superhuman Innovation was released in paperback on Sunday 3rd March.