Bloomsbury Sport scores Minchin's second 'exhilarating' athlete insight

Bloomsbury Sport scores Minchin's second 'exhilarating' athlete insight

Bloomsbury has bagged a second book from athlete, author and former BBC "Breakfast" presenter Louise Minchin, exploring what it takes to be "superwoman" athlete. 

Minchin went from the BBC Breakfast sofa to the GB triathlon team, a journey she described in her first book, Dare to Tri (Bloomsbury). In her second book, Adventures with Superwoman, she sets out to meet and join women on some of the toughest challenges they take on, finding out what makes them try and succeed. 

"Many of the women were not born athletes," the synopsis explains. "They turned to exercise relatively late in life and went on to break down barriers and smash not just records but also taboos. With her natural empathy and sense of humour, Louise forms close bonds with these incredible women and reveals what it takes to be a real superwoman.

Matt Lowing, senior commissioning editor, acquired world all languages rights, including audio, from Elly James of the HHB Agency.

Lowing said: "We are thrilled to be publishing Louise Minchin’s brilliant new book. She brings an energy, understanding and sense of adventure few writers can match. The sporting feats achieved by the women Louise spends time alongside are truly astonishing, and the adventures Louise shares with them make for a truly exhilarating and insightful read."

Minchin said: "I am so excited about my second book with Bloomsbury Sport where I will be telling the stories of brave and inspiring women who are breaking boundaries through sport by challenging myself to join them. Every woman I talk to has been chosen by me for their strength, tenacity and resilience. I will spend time with every one of them in their happy place whether it is swimming in frozen mountain lakes, in the rain on a muddy rugby pitch or at the top of a climbing wall to hear and tell their incredible stories."

James added: "Louise’s new book will be an uplifting concoction of the things she loves – championing women, challenging herself and celebrating the power of sports to transform lives. Bloomsbury will publish it brilliantly and I can’t wait to see it out in the world, inspiring readers to be adventurous."

Adventures with Superwomen will be published in hardback on 3rd August 2023.