Yiannopoulos says he will sue S&S US for $10m

Yiannopoulos says he will sue S&S US for $10m

Two months after his book deal was shelved, Milo Yiannopoulos has announced he plans to self-publish his memoir and says he will file a "$10m lawsuit" against former publishers Simon & Schuster US. 

The rightwing commentator plans to spend the next year “making the name Simon & Schuster synonymous with censorship” according to Publishers Marketplace. At the same time his newly announced imprint, Dangerous Books, will reportedly publish his own book. S&S US pulled out of its book deal to publish Yiannopoulos' memoir, Dangerous, in February following a radio interview in which he appeared to condone paedophilia. The advance from the publisher's imprint, Threshold Editions, was reportedly worth $250,000.

The former Breitbart editor’s plans were announced on 5th May to crowds of fans in a Miami beach house and livestreamed from his website and YouTube channel. He told the supporters at the “#CincoDeMilo party" which also reportedly featured strippers and AK-47 assault rifles: "I am going to spend the next year making the name Simon & Schuster synonymous with censorship. I am going to spend the next year giving out as many free 'F--- Simon & Schuster' shirts as I can, because I want people to know what that they do to conservatives, and to libertarians, and to the people who just want to laugh and have a good time and say whatever they want and not worry about the scolds and the nannies." He said the public would “hear a lot more about that” in the coming weeks.

Yiannopoulos added: "I am going to take not just all of their [S&S's] best authors but all of the best authors of all the conservative imprints in this country and launch my own imprint called Dangerous Books. We are going to publish every mischievous, dissident, hellraising guy you have ever heard of… We’re going to be going live in the next seven days.”

The Guardian reported that Dangerous is expected to be published in the summer following Yiannopoulos’s ‘Troll Academy’ tour of US colleges, titled Troll Academy, which starts on Monday. At the end of April, he announced live touring company, Milo Inc., which he said contains £12m of investment from private donors.

No suit has yet been filed according to Publishers Marketplace. There is no publicly available information about Dangerous Books.