Yale latest to buy Wikileaks title

Yale latest to buy Wikileaks title

Yale University Press has bought UK rights to a title exploring the WikiLeaks controversy and its repercussions, and will be pushing to publish in March.

Politics, economics and current affairs editor Phoebe Clapham bought the rights to WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency by Micah L Sifry from OR Books publisher and co-founder John Oakes.

Clapham said: "WikiLeaks is one of the biggest stories in years, and we're delighted to be rushing out technology and politics analyst Micah Sifry's lively, up-to-the-minute account. Sifry looks not only at Assange and WikiLeaks but also at the wider battle for transparency over the last few years, discussing how crowdsourcing and internet activism have changed the public sphere forever."

WikiLeaks was founded by Australian Julian Assange and is a website publishing private and classified media, including governmental memos; in 2010, it began to publish US diplomatic cables with five international newspaper partners.

Sifry is the co-founder and executive editor of the Personal Democracy Forum, where Assange has spoken twice. He is also editor of its techPresident.com blog and a senior technology adviser to the Sunlight Foundation.

YUP plans to publish as a £9.99 paperback. A publication date has yet to be confirmed but Yale said it will publish next month.