Witchcraft 'seasonal guide' to Two Roads

Witchcraft 'seasonal guide' to Two Roads

Two Roads has acquired a seasonal guide to witchcraft and its history by author and academic Dr Alice Tarbuck. 

A Spell in the Wild: A Year (and Six Centuries) of Magic by Dr Tarbuck will publish in hardback, e-book and audio in October 2020, with editorial director Kate Hewson acquiring world rights directly from the author.

Tarbuck is the author of the poetry collection Grid (Sad Press) and an academic at the University of Dundee, whose work on witchcraft has been featured in 404 Ink’s collection Nasty Women and the Dangerous Women Project, while she also runs a witchcraft course called Toil and Trouble. 

In A Spell in the Wild, she explores what it means to be a witch today and takes readers "month by month... through everyday magic for extraordinary times".

"Where ‘witch’ was once a dangerous—and often deadly—accusation, it is now a proud self-definition," the publisher explains. "And as the world becomes ever more complicated and we face ecological, political, social and global health crises, witchcraft is experiencing a resurgence. Magic is back."

Tarbuck says she practises "intersectional, accessible" witchcraft, which is "about the magic you can find in an overgrown snicket or a sixth-floor stairwell; whatever your gender; whether you’re able to climb a mountain or can’t leave the house".

Hewson said: "Alice’s beautiful but direct writing makes you see the world anew. We feel extremely lucky to be publishing A Spell in the Wild, which I think genuinely moves the dial on nature writing in new and exciting directions."

Tarbuck said: "I am so excited that A Spell in the Wild has found a home at Two Roads. Hopefully, it will help readers to see the world a little differently, and find something magical in this strange time."