WHS cuts price of Kobo Wireless and Touch

W H Smith has slashed the price of its Kobo Wireless and Touch e-readers as the same products go on sale for the first time in Asda stores today.

The Bookseller revealed this week Asda would begin to sell the Kobo Wireless and Touch for £67 and £107 respectively—which was £22.99 and £2.99 cheaper than W H Smith at the time.

Now W H Smith has dropped the price of the Wireless Kobo model by £20 to £69.99 and lowered the price of its Touch by £10 to £109.99.

On Wednesday W H Smith said it backed Asda selling Kobo e-readers. 

A spokesperson said: "We are very supportive of Kobo extending their UK retail presence, which will help them to establish themselves as a major UK brand."

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