Walker marks SLA's 40th birthday with membership gift

Walker marks SLA's 40th birthday with membership gift

Walker is to fund 40 memberships for schools wishing to join the School Library Association, as part of celebrations for the SLA's 40th anniversary.

The SLA, a charity that supports school libraries, has made applications for membership available on their website. The membership will cover all school staff and includes a mentoring service, a quarterly journal and digital book reviews.

Walker group m.d. Karen Lotz said: “We pride ourselves on the quality of the list our creators have produced and on the integrity of the programme’s conception and execution, from editing and design to manufacturing.  The most critical step, however, is getting the right book to the right child at the right time. We are deeply aware of the profound role that a school librarian has in building a safe environment and curating a high-quality collection where each child is able to discover a love of reading for themselves. Walker Books are delighted to sponsor 40 free memberships to the School Library Association for one year.

She added: "[We] hope that this gesture allows 40 schools and numerous children to benefit from the many resources that this wonderful institution provides to its members”.

Membership winners will be picked at random, with a deadline for 12th June.

SLA c.e.o. Alison Tarrant said: “It’s a wonderful birthday gift from Walker; and a lovely way for them to show their appreciation for all the brilliant work that school library staff do. We work to ensure every school is supported in their use of the school library and all the amazing work and activities which that encapsulates.

"This illustration of appreciation for the important work of school library staff is particularly appreciated during these uncertain times.”