Viking acquires 'Emily Doe' memoir on Brock Turner trial

Viking acquires 'Emily Doe' memoir on Brock Turner trial

Viking has acquired a memoir by “Emily Doe”, the woman sexually assaulted by Stanford swimmer Brock Turner, telling the story of the attack, trial and her recovery.

UK and Commonwealth rights were acquired by Venetia Butterfield, publisher of Viking UK, from Felicity Rubinstein of Lutyens & Rubinstein. Known publically as Emily Doe, the anonymous woman's currently untitled book will be published in September.

The synopsis states: "In June 2016, Doe read aloud her victim impact statement to Brock Turner, who was convicted of three counts of felony sexual assault. After Turner was sentenced to only six months in county jail, Doe’s 12-page statement was released publicly, and instantly resonated with millions. It was read on the floor of the United States Congress, translated into more than five languages, and prompted significant change: the judge who presided over the trial was removed from the bench and California sexual assault laws were amended to protect victims in the future. Now, Emily Doe will share her experience in emotional, honest and eloquent detail. Her story continues to be a testament to the power of words to heal and effect change."

Butterfield said: "It is a privilege to be publishing Emily Doe’s extraordinary, inspiring memoir. It is a work of immense power that will define a movement and change lives.”

US print, e-book, and audio rights were acquired by Viking editor-in-chief Andrea Schulz from Philippa Brophy, president of Sterling Lord Literistic in New York.

She said: “Emily Doe’s experience illuminates a culture built to protect perpetrators and a criminal justice system designed to fail the most vulnerable. The book will introduce readers to the writer whose words have already changed their world and move them with its accounting of her courage and resilience.”