Vertebrate reissues mountaineering book The Last Blue Mountain

Vertebrate reissues mountaineering book The Last Blue Mountain

Independent publisher Vertebrate are publishing a new edition of out of print mountaineering book, Ralph Barker’s The Last Blue Mountain.

The “harrowing true story of the 1957 expedition to Pakistan’s Mount Haramosh when a team of climbers are avalanched into a snow basin at 20,000 feet,” according its synopsis, will publish 5th March 2020.

Vertebrate acquired world English language and digital rights from Barker’s agent Knight Features and Barker’s daughter. The book is now almost exclusively available through Vertebrate according to the publisher.

Vertebrate managing director Jon Barton said: “Voted one of the top twenty mountaineering books ever written, it has been a pleasure working with the author’s family to republish this classic and mountain rescue teams to fund their essential work.”

Rare copies can be found in circultion. Amazon currently has a copy for sale at £769.52 (21st Feburary 2020).

For every copy sold though its website, Vertebrate is donating £5 to Mountain Rescue England and Wales.