Townsend's Nevermoor snapped up by 20th Century Fox

Townsend's Nevermoor snapped up by 20th Century Fox

Jessica Townsend’s Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow will be adapted for screen by the Oscar-nominated writer of "The Martian" for Twentieth Century Fox.

The production company pre-emptively bought the rights last year and the book is being published on 31st October by Orion Children’s Books following a “hotly contested” eight-publisher auction in 2016.

Drew Goddard was Oscar-nominated for his work on “The Martian” and he worked on “Cabin in The Woods” and Netflix’s “Daredevil”, and is writing Fox’s X-Men spinoff, “X-Force”.

Nevermoor follows Morrigan Crow, a girl born on an unlucky day who is blamed for all local misfortunes and doomed to die on her 11th birthday. Meeting the mysterious and remarkable Jupiter North, Morrigan is introduced to the secret, magical world of Nevermoor.

Helen Thomas, editorial director at Orion Children’s Books, said: “The news about Drew is brilliant. Nevermoor gives us a richly fantastical world that nourishes the imagination – it’s crying out for a cinematic outing to go alongside the book.”

Townsend said: “I don't think Nevermoor could be in better hands. Drew is so incredibly talented, and seems to have a direct line to the heart and humanity of every story he tells. From our first conversation, it was clear he has genuine affection for Nevermoor and its characters. I'm totally thrilled that he's on board.”

Gemma Cooper at The Bent Agency said: “With its evocative world-building and engaging characters, Nevermoor has always felt like such a no-brainer for adaptation to the big screen. We are confident the book will be in safe hands with Drew.”