S&S buys Roffey memoir

<p>Simon &amp; Schuster has acquired the rights to <em>With the Kisses of his Mouth</em>, &quot;a heartbreaking, thought-provoking memoir&quot; by Monique Roffey. </p><p>Francesca Main, commissioning editor for fiction, bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Isobel Dixon at Blake Friedmann.<br /><br /><em>With the Kisses of his Mouth</em> will be published in spring 2011. The memoir tells the story of ten years of Roffey&#39;s life, from her meeting her soul-mate to their devastating break-up, and the sexual journey that followed.<br /> </p><p>Main said: &quot;This is an incredibly brave book - I can think of no other female writer who has written so intimately about her own sexual life without a pseudonym. It is written with passion, candour and great emotional hnesty and is moving and eye-opening by turns. </p><p>&quot;Monique has launched a campaign to explore Eastern and Western attitudes to love and sex in an attempt to find a cure for a love which refused to be classified. This book charts her adventures and tells her story.&quot;<br /><br />Simon &amp; Schuster previously published Roffey&#39;s debut <em>Sun Dog</em> in 2002 and will be publishing her new novel <em>The White Woman on the Green Bicycle </em>in July.</p>