Self-published guide for widows to Bloomsbury

Self-published guide for widows to Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury is publishing Tips from Widows by Jan Robinson (February, £8.99), which was previously self-published. The book features collected advice for widowed women.

Robinson began collecting advice after her own husband died unexpectedly, and then decided to self-publish the collection as a useful tool for other women. The book garnered a level of word-of-mouth success, and Robinson sold 2,500 copies through her personal website and one local independent bookshop.

Bloomsbury hopes to bring the book to a wider audience. Publishing director for fiction at Bloomsbury Helen Garnons-Williams said: “It’s so simple and practical and kind. In the months after a death you need something practical to help you get through the day.”

The book includes advice on houses, finances and dealing with other people’s reactions, crowd-sourced by Robinson from a wide variety of women.

Garnons-Williams said: “Jan is very keen to stress that she really just curates, she doesn’t claim to be an expert on widowhood. She did it because she wished she had had it.”