Comic Ariane Sherine's Talk Yourself Better to Robinson

Comic Ariane Sherine's Talk Yourself Better to Robinson

Robinson Psychology, part of the Little, Brown Book Group, has acquired Talk Yourself Better by the writer, stand-up comic and singer-songwriter of recent comedy single "Love Song for Jeremy Corbyn", Ariane Sherine.

Sherine provides "an accessible, humorous and honest look at the different types of talking therapies available to people" in the title, exploring CBT to person-centred counselling to art therapy, many of which she has tried herself.

The book will feature interviews with celebrities, journalists, authors and ordinary people who have used therapy to help them overcome mental health issues, as well as including interviews with therapists from each modality.

This is Sherine’s first book since her 2009 edited collection The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas. It in turn followed the Atheist Bus Campaign that earlier in the year put the words "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life" in advertisements on 800 buses UK-wide.

Editorial director Andrew McAleer acquired world rights to the title from Stephanie Thwaites at Curtis Brown, to publish in November 2018.

McAleer said: “Robinson is delighted to be publishing Ariane Sherine’s witty and unique insight into the world of therapy. A fitting companion to our range of self-help publications for mental health problems, this is a true user’s guide to the bewildering range of options available to you once you decide to seek professional help.”

Sherine said: "Having struggled with anxiety and depression for 20 years, I'm thrilled to be able to use my experiences of talking therapy to help others. I hope Talk Yourself Better will do for therapy and mental health what The Atheist's Guide to Christmas and Atheist Bus Campaign did for atheism."