Quadrille bags Pizza Pilgrims' 'magnum opus of pizza'

Quadrille bags Pizza Pilgrims' 'magnum opus of pizza'

Quadrille has picked up a book from Pizza Pilgrims restaurant duo Thom and James Elliot, taking a look at pizzas around the world.

Publishing director Sarah Lavelle acquired world rights from Borra Garson at Deborah McKenna Ltd. Pizza will be published in the UK on 12th November, the US on 10th November and Australia on 18th November 2020.

The publisher explained: “Pizza is an affectionate and lavishly illustrated look at the world’s favourite fast food, featuring city guides, stories, profiles, recipes, history, fun facts, and the Elliot brothers’ personal pilgrimage to perfect the art of pizza-making. The pair ate, documented and interviewed their way from New York to Rome, Paris to Chicago, researching the greatest pizzas the world has to offer. Speaking to experts from the Naples pizzeria where the Margherita was born, all the way to the Pizza Hut c.e.o. no stone is left unturned in the search to discover all they can.”

Lavelle said: “Pizza is one of my favourite things in life, and I jumped at the chance to work with Thom and James on this glorious, riotous celebration, the magnum opus of pizza. They simply love pizza and the people who work in that world; their book is joyful, bursting with wit, creativity, knowledge and fun—just like James and Thom.”

The brothers said: “Pizza is one of the most universal foods and the passion people have for it is clearly noted in pop culture across the world. We have been working in pizza for over a decade, so we wanted to write a love letter of sorts chronicling pizza in culture, the people that make it, the styles that have been created across the globe and the love that people have for it! Everyone has a mate that loves pizza, like, REALLY loves it—this book is for them!”