Pushkin to launch non-fiction line

Pushkin to launch non-fiction line

Pushkin Press will launch its non-fiction line with Summer Before the Dark by Volker Weidermann later this month.

Traditionally a fiction-in-translation publisher, Pushkin Press said it will include more contemporary and classic narrative non-fiction as part of its front list titles this year.

Summer Before the Dark will be published by Pushkin on 28th January. The book has also been selected as a Radio 4 'Book of the Week' to coincide with its publication and explores the atmosphere of an ephemeral moment for the coterie of artists, intellectuals, drunks and revolutionaries who had congregated in Ostend as Europe faltered on the edge of fascism and total war in 1936.

Pushkin intends to publish a further three non-fiction books this spring, The Encounter: Amazon Beaming by Petru Popescu, Memories: From Moscow to the Black Sea and Rasputin and Other Ironies both by Russian writer Teffi.

This summer will see the release of Sorrow of the Earth: The Story of Buffalo Bill Cody by French writer Eric Vuillard and in the autumn Pushkin will publish Astrid Lindgren’s recently discovered World War Two diaries in World on Fire.

Pushkin managing director, Adam Freudenheim, said: "Pushkin has occasionally published non-fiction, here and there, but starting in 2016 we have more narrative non-fiction on our frontlist, both contemporary and classic."

He added of the new titles: "These are just a few highlights from what should be the start of an exciting new aspect of Pushkin's diverse output."

Pushkin aims to build towards six to 10 new non-fiction titles each year, initially in hardback.