Premiership Psycho to Corsair

<p>Nicola Barr from the Susijn Agency has sold what could turn out to be a particularly apposite novel: a reworking of <em>American Psycho</em> with a Premier League footballer.</p><p>James Gurbutt at Corsair has bought World English rights to <em>Premiership Psycho</em> by C M Taylor. The novel asks what the original American Psycho Patrick Bateman would be if he were around now. Taylor&#39;s answer is footballer &quot;Kev King&quot;, who wins &quot;silverware for the trophy cabinet&quot; while &quot;leaving in his wake a trail of bloodshed&quot;. </p><p>Barr said: &quot;It&#39;s a very funny but also serious satire of contemporary Britain, a commentary on celebrity, sport, shopping, sex, media and violence. It is a novel for everyone who loves football, and everyone who hates it.&quot;<br /><br />Taylor is a journalist who has been published in the national press, including the <em>Guardian</em> and the <em>Telegraph</em>.<br /><br />Corsair will publish Feb 2011. Barr is handling translation rights.</p>