Cosmo editor Storr pens first book on 'discomfort zone'

Cosmo editor Storr pens first book on 'discomfort zone'

Piatkus has acquired Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Farrah Storr's first book at auction, about spending time in our "discomfort zone".

In The Discomfort Zone: How To Get What You Want by Living Fearlessly, Storr argues it is only by spending time in our "discomfort zone" that we can grow and realise our full potential - a philosophy she'll be illustrating with examples from her own life and career as well as in interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, athletes and leaders.

Publishing director Zoe Bohm acquired world rights from Adrian Sington at Kruger Cowne for publication in trade paperback, e-book and audio this September.

Storr, who has been editor of Cosmopolitan UK since July 2015, said the book was something she had been thinking about writing for a number of years now. A blend of memoir, interviews and science, it advocates "brief moments of discomfort" akin to "HIIT (high intensity interval) training for your life" to get where you need to be.

"We live in a time which is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with ‘discomfort’. We see this in the coddling of our children, students and even employees, and yet stepping into the ‘discomfort zone’ has been the success formula for all of our greatest leaders, thinkers and creators," said Storr. 

"This book, based on a mixture of science, personal memoir and interviews with some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, athletes and leaders, is something I have wanted to write for many years. I'm delighted to be publishing The Discomfort Zone with Piatkus."