Penguin Life pre-empts 'go-to guide' for gut health

Penguin Life pre-empts 'go-to guide' for gut health

Penguin Life has pre-empted the first book of dietitian Dr Megan Rossi, The Gut Health Doctor, sharing strategies for improving gut health.

Dr Rossi developed a clinic dedicated to gut health, in which subject she has a PhD, and is a research fellow at King's College London. She also created a gut health menu range for Leon Restaurants and previously worked as a sports nutritionist for the Australia Olympic Synchronised Swimming Team.

Her book, "an easy-to-digest guide to health from the inside out", will blend science, personal anecdotes, recipes and practical strategies. Dr Rossi, said she wanted to "cut through all the noise and confusion out there" and "give people real practical advice, grounded in science, that will help them maximise the potential of what may very well be their greatest asset, their gut".

Editorial director for Penguin Life, Emily Robertson, acquired world rights in a pre-empt from Richard Pike at C&W, and commented: "I am thrilled to be publishing Dr Megan Rossi’s first book which is set to become the go to guide on the gut and will help anyone seeking to improve their overall health by harnessing the power of their digestive system. This book will educate and excite, bust taboos and introduce readers to delicious and new gut-boosting recipes."

It will publish as a trade paperback, priced £16.99, on 5th September 2019.