Paul O'Grady's Country Life to Transworld

Paul O'Grady's Country Life to Transworld

Transworld is publishing a new book from comedian and TV presenter Paul O’Grady on life in the country this November. 

Paul O'Grady's Country Life, a "hilarious and incident-packed" book, will lift the lid on O'Grady's home life in rural Kent and the animals he adores, including "some pigs, a very odd sheep, various rescued barn owls, some sadistic geese and a deranged cow" plus "a tiny but fearsome" rescued chihuahua/Jack Russell-cross, called Eddie. 

The title will describe the "trials and tribulations" of adjusting to country life, complete with lessons in country lore, like how to how to churn your own butter, how to birth a lamb - and to how to lure a cow out of your kitchen while naked from the waist down - said to be all "far removed from the bright lights of celebrity".

It follows his four previous books with Transworld - At My Mothers Knee…and Other Low Joints, The Devil Rides Out, Still Standing and Open the Cage, Murphy! - which according to Transworld have sold over 2.2m copies in total across all formats.

O'Grady commented: "Nothing ever happens in the countryside,’ I’ve heard city dwellers say. ‘It’s just fields and sheep. They couldn’t be more wrong, but to discover what it’s really like to live in the depths of the countryside you have to get stuck in, get involved and embrace all the wonders rural life has to offer."

Paul O'Grady's Country Life will be published on 2nd November on Transworld's Bantam Press imprint at £20.

On the same day, celebrity Brian Blessed's new book inspired by his love of animals, The Panther in My Kitchen, publishes with Pan Macmillan.