Palin's Going Rogue hits top spot in US

<p>Sarah Palin&#39;s much-anticipated memoir, <em>Going Rogue</em> (Harper), sold 469,400 copies in just six days upon its release in the United States&mdash;sending it comfortably to the top of the US bestseller lists.<br /><br />It outsold runner-up James Patterson&#39;s <em>I, Alex Cross</em> (Little, Brown) by more than three copies to one, and on its 469,400 sale alone enters the US year-to-date non-fiction charts in eighth position overall, just ahead of film-maker Stephen Kendrick&#39;s Christian marriage guidance tome, <em>The Love Dare </em>(B&amp;H&mdash;410,483 copies sold this year) and just behind the late Randy Pausch&#39;s <em>The Last Lecture </em>(Hyperion).<br /><br />Although <em>Going Rogue</em>&#39;s sale is dwarfed by the 1.16 million-in-six-days figure posted by Dan Brown&#39;s <em>The Lost Symbol </em>(Doubleday) this year, it is significantly greater than the first week sales of the other big political memoir release of 2009, the late Edward Kennedy&#39;s <em>True Compass</em> (Little, Brown), which sold 169,000 copies.<br /><br />According to Nielsen BookScan US data, Bill Clinton&#39;s memoir, <em>My Life</em> (Knopf), sold just over 600,000 copies in six days upon its release in June 2004, while his wife Hillary&#39;s <em>Living History</em> sold 200,000 copies in its first 24-hours on sale in 2003, according to the <em>Guardian</em>.<br /><br />HarperCollins US will be releasing <em>Going Rogue: An American Life</em> in the UK on 10th December, sold through PGUK and available to order from TBS. On the same day Turnaround will be releasing&nbsp; <em>Going Rouge: An American Nightmare</em>, <a href=" deliberately spoofs the jacket and title</a> of Palin&#39;s memoir. </p><p><strong>The US Top 10</strong><br /><br />1. Sarah Palin&#39;s <em>Going Rogue</em> (Harper) 469,358 (including pre-orders)<br />2. James Patterson&#39;s <em>I, Alex Cross </em>(Little, Brown) 138,887<br />3. Stephen King&#39;s <em>Under the Dome</em> (Scribner) 66,210<br />4. Dan Brown&#39;s <em>The Lost Symbol</em> (Doubleday) 58,421<br />5. Jeff Kinney&#39;s T<em>he Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days </em>(Abrams) 57,760<br />6. John Grisham&#39;s <em>Ford County</em> (Doubleday) 44,883<br />7. Andre Agassi&#39;s <em>Open</em> (Knopf) 44,315<br />8. Stephenie Meyer&#39;s <em>Eclipse </em>(Little, Brown) 41,203<br />9. Mitch Albolm&#39;s <em>Have a Little Faith </em>(Hyperion) 38,331<br />10. Stephenie Meyer&#39;s <em>Twilight </em>(Megan Tingley) 35,443</p>