PA piracy portal issues 3,000 notices in year one

<p>The Publishers Association&#39;s copyright portal has sent 3,000 notices, reporting 5,000 cases of infringement, in the year it has existed. </p><p>Emma House, e-crime and international director at the PA, told delegates at yesterday&#39;s (10th) International Conference that there were now 51 publishers using the portal across academic, educational and trade sectors. A number of the companies come from outside the UK, she also said.</p><p>However, she said &quot;responses [to the notices] vary&quot;, with some sites responding quickly and others failing to respond in a suitable manner. House cited Scribd as the site generating the most notifications, but said it was &quot;most compliant&quot;, generally removing infringing material within 24 hours of the notification being sent. But RapidShare, which was the second most-frequent recipient of notices, was the &quot;least compliant&quot;, House added.</p><p>As a result of the success and usage of the portal, House said the PA had &quot;ambitious plans for next year&quot;, which will include allowing publishers to make bulk uploads to cover up to 100 pieces of content on a given site, and a &quot;detection tool&quot;, which is being launched in April. </p>