OWN IT! launches membership scheme

OWN IT! launches membership scheme

Multimedia publisher OWN IT! has announced a yearly membership subscription via their newly launched website.

The scheme costs £48 a year and features a choice of four books from across the backlist or any forthcoming title plus free entry to any four events. Members will also receive free downloads of five songs released through OWN IT!’s multi-media digital projects ‘The Group Therapy Programme’ and ‘Don’t Be Alien’. Members will also receive personalised signed author copies ahead of publication date for any forthcoming title chosen.

OWN IT! m.d. Crystal Mahey-Morgan said: “We’re living in a time when ethical consumerism is becoming more and more important to people. We have built a strong reputation for developing both debut and traditionally marginalised voices and offering an author-centric royalty model and business. When someone buys a book or event ticket from us they know that 50% of all profits go directly to the author. The membership is a way for people to go one step further and support us and the authors/artists and audiences we serve in a more invested way.”

The total package means an annual saving of up to £67 depending on books and events chosen. “We’re an independent company committed to finding and nurturing talented voices who have something important to say about or to the world. Stories are in our DNA,” the company's new website reads. “We’re a storytelling lifestyle brand passionate about opening doors, smashing ceilings and making things better for future generations through authentic and innovative writing and art, in all its many forms.

“We’re aware that pursuing a career as a writer/artist can be financially hard and fear that as a result of this the world is missing out on talented and important storytellers who have a valuable contribution to make to culture and society. This is why we split net profits across all revenue streams 50/50 with everyone we publish through OWN IT! Stories.”

OWN IT! also includes a literary agency arm which opened in August and a film and TV agency.

For more information, visit Ownit.london/membership.