Online resource for bloggers from Headline

Online resource for bloggers from Headline

Headline is launching a new website next week which allows book bloggers to request books, content and author interviews direct from the publisher.

The site, called bookbridgr, already has more than 250 pre-registered book bloggers awaiting the launch on Monday (24th February).

Bookbridgr will give bloggers access to front and backlist titles in physical and e-book formats. It will also allow them to request extra content for their blogs or join a blog tour.

Ben Willis, Headline’s publicity and digital campaigns manager, and the creator of bookbridgr, said: “Over the last few years, book bloggers have played an increasingly important role in a book’s publication. They not only command a huge amount of respect from the book industry and reading communities alike, but also often prove fundamental in creating that all-important early ‘buzz’ for an author or book.

“bookbridgr seeks to provide book bloggers with everything they need to get the very most out of our books and authors – from review and competition copies of our books to exclusive author interviews, chapter extracts, blog tours and more.”

Registered bloggers will be “encouraged to build their bookbridgr profiles by submitting – or ‘bridging’ – their existing and future online book coverage to the site”.

Bloggers can set their genre preferences to make sure they find out about books relevant to their tastes and audiences.

The first blog tour bloggers can sign up to will be Colette McBeth’s Precious Thing (Headline review) tour in April.

Headline m.d. Jane Morpeth said: “We are always striving to be at the forefront of digital communication, and bookbridgr is a superb innovation that will bring Headline’s authors and books closer to this important and dedicated community.”

During the first few weeks of the site registration approvals will be staggered “in order to properly manage the demand”.