New Blaylock steampunk novel for Titan

Titan has acquired award-winning fantasy author James P Blaylock's first steampunk novel in 20 years, The Aylesford Skull.

Titan fiction editor Cath Trechman bought world rights via John Berlyne and John Parker at Zeno Agency for "a good five-figure sum".

The title features Blaylock's character Langdon St Ives, with Titan set to publish in 2013. St Ives is plunged into London's underworld when a grave in Aylesford is exhumed and its contents stolen by the "infamous" Dr Ignacio Narbondo.

Trechman said: "[Titan is] absolutely thrilled to be publishing steampunk master James P Blaylock's first full-length steampunk novel in 20 years. The Aylesford Skull is a rich and absorbing slice of Victorian steampunk, at once darkly humorous and moving, in a style that is uniquely Blaylock."

Titan will also simultaneously reissue two Langdon St Ives novels in paperback: Homunculus and Lord Kelvin's Machine.

Blaylock is considered one of the three founding fathers of modern steampunk, alongside Tim Powers and K W Jeter. He has won both the World Fantasy and Philip K Dick Awards.