Murray to explore 'taboos of modern age'

Murray to explore 'taboos of modern age'

Douglas Murray has signed a deal with Bloomsbury for a book exploring the taboos of the modern age.

Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, will argue that the modern age is not one of free speech but a time where social media and online networks have “emboldened the mob and exacerbated group think”.

Publisher of Bloomsbury Continuum’s imprint, Robin Baird-Smith, acquired world rights (excluding USA) from Matthew Hamilton at Aitken Alexander Associates for the as-yet untitled book, which is set to be published in autumn 2019.

Baird-Smith said: “Following the huge success of The Strange Death of Europe, I wanted to sign up a sequel to what has been one of Bloomsbury`s bestselling books of the past year. Aimed at the intelligent reader of all political perspectives Murray’s book has been praised by people on the left as much as people on the right and I’m delighted to have signed this talented writer’s next book.”

Murray added that he was “delighted” to have signed the deal.

The Strange Death of Europe has so far sold over 110,000 copies in all editions, according to the publisher, and sold into 15 languages.

The mass market paperback edition of the book will be published in June 2018 with 5,000 words of new material since hardback publication in May 2017.

Its publication will be supported with a bold national rail marketing campaign, print and social media advertising, Bloomsbury said.