Mills & Boon launches weekly e-book serial

Mills & Boon launches weekly e-book serial

Mills & Boon is launching its first weekly serial: a new 12-part digital-only series, called Secrets of the A List, to be written by 11 of its existing authors.

According to HarperCollins, the co-authored series will be "packed with drama, intrigue and scandal" and perfect for fans of "Big Little Lies", "The Affair", "Brothers & Sisters", "Dynasty" and "Dirty Sexy Money". 

Set in the "seductive" scenery of glamorous California, it follows the prestigious Marshall family, renowned for their ability to fix the screw-ups of the super rich until a terrible accident befalls the family and their own sordid secrets start to be revealed.

The serial is in 12 parts and the first will be published on Sunday 3rd September and is free to download. Subsequent parts will be released weekly from then until Sunday 19th November, priced at 99p each.

Lisa Milton, executive publisher of Mills & Boon, said the publisher was responding to changes in reading habits to cater to a "new type of reader". 

"Over the past few years we’ve started to see a big change in the way people are reading,’ said Milton. "More and more, people are reading in bite size chunks on the go on their phones, tablets and e-readers and we’re thrilled to be offering a weekly dose of scandal and glamour perfect for this new type of reader."

Authors who will be writing across the series (one author per part) are: Joss Wood, Clare Connelly, Donna Hill, Reese Ryan, Helen Lacey,  Michelle Major, Yahrah St. John, Cat Schield, Dani Collins, Karen Booth, and Maya Blake who has written two parts.