Artist Medaglia launches illustrated books publisher

Artist Medaglia launches illustrated books publisher

Artist Mike Medaglia is launching Liminal 11, a publishing company for comics and illustrated titles.

Medaglia set up the company with Darren Shill, a former partner and financial controller at Electra Private Equity who he met at a reading group at London’s Gosh! Comics.

This autumn the company will launch Luna Sol Tarot, a tarot deck created by artist and Zen Buddhist Medaglia, as well as a series of books with quotes and proverbs from historical thinkers, entitled Mini Meditations, by artists including Tillie Walden and Adam and Lisa Murphy. Liminal 11 is also publishing Sarina Mantle's self-care colouring book, Women + Patterns + Plants.

Future projects will be illustrated by artists including Sarah Hunt, Natalie Dormady, Jack Kornfield and Lisa Sterle.

“We are so fortunate that the passion we felt in forming Liminal 11 has been so resoundingly matched by the incredible talent that has joined us at launch and in our rapidly expanding list for the years ahead,” said Shill. “Our aim, to create beautiful illustrated work that is of personal and global benefit, could not have a better start.”

Medaglia added: “I have had to pinch myself too many times since Darren’s germ of an idea for Liminal 11 rapidly developed into an exciting creative and business endeavour. It really is a dream come true to be able to invest in amazingly talented authors and artists and help them create publications that will enhance and encourage people to grow in all aspects of their lives. This journey of a thousand miles has begun.”

The company also comprises Steven Walsh, who has joined as sales manager, and Sarah Wray (marketing and publicity manager). The official launch will take place at Gosh! Comics in London on 11th October.