Michael O'Mara waltzes off with Craig Revel Horwood debut novel

Michael O'Mara waltzes off with Craig Revel Horwood debut novel

“Strictly Come Dancing” judge Craig Revel Horwood's “fabulous” debut novel has been picked up by Michael O'Mara Books.

Dances and Dreams on Diamond Street is billed as “an offbeat, funny and heart-warming romantic novel”, telling the story of an unlikely family of friends who each rent a room in a ramshackle six-bedroom town house in Camden.

World English language rights were acquired by senior editorial director Louise Dixon from Gavin Barker at Gavin Barker Associates. The book will publish in hardback on 1st October 2020.

According to the synopsis: “Set in the 1990s, the novel follows a year in the life of the inhabitants of Diamond Street—including the wise-cracking but warm-hearted patriarch of the family, professional dancer turned choreographer Danny Hall—portraying their ups and downs as they try to achieve their dreams.”

The “Strictly” veteran said: “A group of friends presided over by a wise patriarch, who also happens to be a professional dancer? I don’t know who my muse could be, darling. 

“I’m beyond thrilled to finally introduce my first work of fiction to the world, and can’t wait to share these colourful characters with you. Like any family, the residents of Diamond Street sometimes argue or act up, but when the chips are down, they’re there for each other in an instant, usually with a bottle of booze or an impromptu kitchen disco.”

Dixon added: “Full of fun, wit and panache, Craig’s novel is as fabulous as you’d expect from the King of 'Strictly'. I was hooked from the very start of this roller-coaster romance, which takes you straight back to the 1990s and keeps you captivated throughout.”

Revel Horwood has previously written volumes of autobiography, including In Strictest Confidence (Michael O'Mara, 2018).