Michael O’Mara Books to publish Jay Jayamohan's memoir

Michael O’Mara Books to publish Jay Jayamohan's memoir

Michael O’Mara Books is to publish a memoir by Jay Jayamohan, a consultant paediatric neurosurgeon at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, and star of the acclaimed BBC fly-on-the-wall series Brain Doctors.

Everything That Makes Us Human: Case Notes of a Children’s Brain Surgeon by Jay Jayamohan will publish in hardback on 20th February 2020, priced £16.99. World all language rights, excluding the US and Philippines, were acquired by Louise Dixon from David Riding at MBA.

The book will chart Jayamohan’s life and work, as he makes life and death decisions on the most vulnerable members of society: babies and children.

"Gripping and revelatory, Jayamohan describes how huge advances in neurosurgery have made almost everyday events out of procedures only dreamed of a few years ago, and how those advances are enabling him and his colleagues to stay on the cutting edge of work in this area," reads the synopsis. "Drawing on case studies from various aspects of his career – including both successes and failures - he reveals the pressures faced and strength needed to have a child’s life in your hands."

Jayamohan said: "Most people wouldn’t buy a washing machine in the time they have to decide to give me their most precious possessions – their children. The trust that they have to have is never underestimated by me, and I try to give each of them the care I would want if it was one of my kids. That is the biggest promise that I can, and do, give to each one of them. That’s the case even if sometimes, they don’t like what they hear."

Louise Dixon, senior editorial director at Michael O’Mara Books, said: “Jay Jayamohan is known not only for his skill in surgery but for his empathy and human touch, and he brings all that to bear in this book. Jay is a remarkable man for the work he does and the person he is, and Everything That Makes Us Human is a truly inspirational read.”