Michael Joseph to publish F*CK YOU, 2016

Michael Joseph to publish F*CK YOU, 2016

Michael Joseph is publishing "a humorous look back at the worst year ever", F*CK YOU, 2016.

The comic compendium is marketed as both "a cathartic memento of an annus shitabulus and an optimistic look to the future", reflecting on what has been, in the publisher's words, "a ridiculous year", with chapters spanning politics to Pokemon, complemented by "some really badly drawn" illustrations.

The synopsis for the book reads: "In the year that David Bowie died, Brexit shocked us, ‘Hiddleswift’ was a thing and Trump trumped, we are all asking ourselves, was 2016 really the worst year ever?"

Chapters includes analysis of a year in politics ("Brexit! Trump! Clinton! Farage! Corbyn!"), a celebration of the "many extraordinary artists who died rather than see Trump become President", a comparison of 2016 with "other terrible years in history", attempts to make sense of Manbuns, Pokemon Go, Hygge, Nigel Farage "and other nonsense", a hunt for "something good that actually happened" and a hopeful conclusion, reflecting on all the bad things that didn't occur - "yet (there's always 2017 folks!)".

F*CK YOU, 2016 publishes in hardback on 6th December, priced £5.99.