Lloyd's latest thriller snapped up for film and TV

Lloyd's latest thriller snapped up for film and TV

Film and TV rights have been sold for Sam Lloyd’s The Rising Tide (Bantam Press).  

Left Bank Pictures signed a deal with Emily Hayward-Whitlock at The Artists Partnership, on behalf of Sam Copeland at RCW. The Rising Tide was published in hardback July 2021 by Bantam Press and is described as a “pulse-pounding thriller” by the publisher. It follows Lloyd’s The Memory Wood, which was snapped up in a major six-figure pre-empt ahead of Frankfurt 2018 and is currently under option.  

Lloyd said: "Left Bank Pictures has an exceptional pedigree so I couldn't be happier, especially after hearing their plans for bringing The Rising Tide to the screen."  

Left Bank Pictures is an independent film and television production company, launched in 2007 and based in London.  

Andy Harries, its c.e.o., said: “Sam Lloyd’s novel left us totally breathless. The Rising Tide is a chilling thriller which captures a British coastal town with intense character and atmosphere. It’s perfectly suited for the screen.”