JKP to publish letters from trans women

JKP to publish letters from trans women

Jessica Kingsley Publishers is to publish Letters From Your Trans Sisters – a collection of letters written by successful trans women for other trans women at the start of their transition - edited by trans activist Charlie Craggs.

JKP holds world rights to the title. The letters will share the trans women's personal experiences of transition and the guidance they wished they ha received at the beginning of their own journeys.

Craggs is a trans activist and public speaker, and the founder of Nail Transphobia – a campaign to tackle transphobia through the medium of manicure that has received national coverage.

Senior commissioning editor Andrew James said: “Charlie Craggs is quite literally nailing it when it comes to tackling transphobia and when so many trans women are the subject of daily violence and harassment we need voices like Charlie’s, and the other trans women who feature in this collection, to help breakdown stereotypes and to empower those who are transitioning. These letters are powerful and necessary and we’re honoured to be working with Charlie to support young trans women as they transition.”

Craggs said: “This is the book I wish I had at the start of my transition three years ago. When a person decides to transition, there’s a lot of stumbling around looking for information and a lot of questions, but often no one to answer these questions or give you the advice you need. Letters From Your Trans Sisters provides those answers and celebrates the trans women who have paved the way for us all to be who we are today.”

The book will be published in November this year.