Jacket design practices 'scandalous'

<p>Book cover designers are being hampered by not having title information, delegates at <em>The Bookseller&#39;s</em> Cover Design seminar heard.</p><p>At the event held on Thursday (21st May) Damian Horner, founder of Mustoes and publishing marketing consultant, said: &quot;It&#39;s frankly scandalous. I don&#39;t think you can ever design a cover without having some idea of what the title might be&mdash;yet it happens all the time.&quot;<br /><br />Horner stressed the importance of a book title. To illustrate this he called <em>Birdsong</em> a bad title as it does not explain what the book is about. On the other hand he labeled <em>Confessions of a Shopaholic </em>a good title as &quot;you don&#39;t even need to see the cover to know what the book is about&quot;. Horner said that if the title was bad then the designer was &quot;handicapped from the very beginning&quot;. He added: &quot;The title is an integral part of the communication and it needs to be dissected in the same way we do the visuals.&quot; <br /><br />Little, Brown creative director, Duncan Spilling, said it was &quot;criminal&quot; for a designer to work on a book without a title. He added that it wastes both time and money. The seminar was held at the Bloomsbury hotel in London.</p>