Investigation into the death of David Kelly to HoZ

Investigation into the death of David Kelly to HoZ

Head of Zeus imprint Apollo is to publish An Inconvenient Death, an exploration into the death of Dr David Kelly by investigative journalist Miles Goslett.

Neil Belton, publishing director of Apollo, acquired world rights from Peter Robinson at RCW.

Kelly was a weapons expert and inspector who worked for the Ministry of Defence and the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq. He killed himself in 2003 after being outed as the source of a BBC story.

According to the publisher, Kelly's death is "one of the strangest events in recent British history".

"The circumstances of his death are replete with disquieting questions – every detail, from his motives to the method of his death, his body’s discovery and the way in which the state investigated his demise, seems on close examination not to make sense," the publisher said. "In this painstaking and level-headed book, Miles Goslett shows why we should be deeply sceptical of the official narrative and reminds us of the desperate measures those in power resorted to in the feverish summer months of 2003."

Belton said: "Miles Goslett's unpicking of the official version of Dr Kelly's death is careful, quietly passionate and gripping. The doubts he raises and the contradictions he exposes are sobering for anyone who cares about the degradation of truth in British politics."

Goslett said he had spent several years examining the "strange and shocking" death of Dr Kelly and was "more convinced than ever that the British public has not been told the truth about the circumstances of it".

Head of Zeus will publish An Inconvenient Death: How the Establishment Covered up the David Kelly Affair in April 2018.