Huang to take IP acquisitions role at Penguin Childrens

Huang to take IP acquisitions role at Penguin Childrens

Penguin Children’s will continue what it describes as its transition from traditional publishing to content provision with a new role for the former publishing director of their media and entertainment group, Eric Huang. 

Huang will now take on the position of new business and IP acquisitions director, helping to develop new partnerships and answering to managing director Francesca Dow.

Dow said: “Eric will now have a broad role across Penguin Children’s, to accelerate our transition from a publisher to a content-provider on multiple platforms including digital, media, entertainment and merchandising.” She added: “At Penguin Children’s we make stories… and now, we make brands.”

During his career at Penguin, Huang has secured publishing rights to several high-profile brands including Moshi Monsters and Peppa Pig. He also established a partnership with digital developers Made In Me, and acquired the publishing license for the children’s game, Skylanders.

Huang said: “It’s no longer a matter of digital publishing versus physical publishing. Our focus is on storytelling across both new and old formats, and I’m looking forward to forging new partnerships in the wider children’s media community.”