Hodge 'support' for booksellers' Amazon petition

Booksellers Frances and Keith Smith are preparing to hand a petition on Amazon’s tax avoidance into 10 Downing Street, after gaining close to 100,000 signatories and support from MP Margaret Hodge, chair of the Public Accounts Committee.

The Smiths are just 4,500 signatures off their 100,000 target on a Change.org petition calling for Amazon to pay more corporation tax in the UK. Hodge, who grilled representatives from Amazon on tax in the House of Commons last November, has said she will help the couple co-ordinate a high-profile publicity campaign around the time of handing the petition to prime minister David Cameron. MPs from across the parties, high-profile authors, and personnel from the publishing and media industries could be involved.

Frances Smith told The Bookseller: “I had a successful meeting with Margaret Hodge in her office in the House of Commons and she was very supportive. We want to maintain the pressure on Amazon in regards to paying a fair amount of corporation tax in the UK. It is in everyone’s interests.” She added: “Amazon may be obeying the letter of the law—but they’re certainly not being fair. Last year Starbucks announced that they would look at their tax affairs in the UK. It’s time that Amazon did the same.”

To sign the petition, visit change.org/en-GB/petitions/amazonuk-pay-corporation-tax-in-the-uk.