Hodder & Stoughton to publish Paris Fury memoir

Hodder & Stoughton to publish Paris Fury memoir

Hodder & Stoughton has acquired Paris Fury's autobiography, Love and Fury, which will tell the story of her life as a Traveller and wife of boxer Tyson Fury.

The publisher explains: "Paris Fury is Tyson’s rock, the wife he thanks for all his success. Both from Traveller families, she married him at 18 and is hands-on mother to their five children, as well as being at his side through every fight. Always glamorous, strong, grounded, and her own woman. When Tyson’s struggles with OCD, depression and alcohol have threatened to overwhelm them, she has held them together, and helped to see Tyson through to the greatest boxing victories."

Love and Fury will begin with the author's Traveller childhood, through her falling in love and making a home and a family, and coming through Tyson’s darkest moments. The book will also explore what its like to balance the fame, the fans and all the sporting pressures alongside everyday family life, says the publisher. 

The couple's relationship was recently featured in the 2020 ITV documentary "Tyson Fury: The Gypsy King" and since then Paris Fury has joined ITV's "Loose Women" panel. 

Webb said: "As soon as I saw Paris in the Tyson Fury documentary, I knew she had to write her own book. What an incredible woman – mother to five children and supporting Tyson through every fight and his worst mental health struggles. She has an amazing honesty and strength and a lot to share. This will be an unmissable memoir."

Fury said: "This book is my love story – for my husband and family – but it’s also a book for all the women out there who’re juggling lots of responsibilities. Trust me, I’m on your side! I’m a mum, I’m a busy woman, I’m someone who is dealing with a husband with a crazy career and his own huge highs and lows. And I want to tell anyone who’s felt overwhelmed when supporting others through tough times: you’re not alone. Whatever your experience of love, difficulty, and family I hope you can find strength in my story – there is always a light at the end of the tunnel."

Hodder & Stoughton acquired world volume rights through Rory Scarfe at the Blair Partnership, with publication slated for 14th October 2021.

Tyson Fury published his own memoir, Behind the Mask: My Autobiography, with Century in 2019. It has sold 203,797 copies in hardback via Nielsen BookScan's TCM in the UK.