HarperCollins US puts catalogue online

<p>HarperCollins US is developing an interactive, electronic sales catalogue offering booksellers an online tool to order books. </p><p>The new catalogue will also reduce HarperCollins&rsquo; paper output, as part of an ongoing effort by the publisher to reduce its carbon footprint. HC will preview the catalogue at Book Expo America at the end of the month and will launch a beta version in six to 12 months.</p><p>The catalogue will feature book covers, prices, on-sale dates, reviews and quotes, and media alerts will be updated in real time. It will also feature rich media content such as author interviews, promotional videos and audio samples. </p><p>Jane Friedman, president and c.e.o. of HarperCollins, said: &ldquo;It has been clear to me for some time that catalogues are out of date as soon as they are printed. So much of what we do today is in real time. Why not our catalogs? In addition, an electronic version reduces a tremendous amount of waste in all areas, paper, production and shipping. I feel this is a win-win situation for our customers and for us.&rdquo;</p>