Goncourt debut winner to Harvill Secker

<p>Harvill Secker has bought UK and Commonwealth rights to the novel HHhH by Laurent Binet. </p><p>The book, which recently won the prestigious French prize for a debut novel, the Prix Goncourt, was acquired at auction from Farrar Straus &amp; Giroux, which will publish in the US. Rights have so far been sold in 15 countries. </p><p>HHhH tells the story of the SOE-backed assassination of Himmler&#39;s right-hand man Reinhard Heydrich in Prague in 1943. Heydrich, known as &quot;the blonde beast&quot;, was renowned as the most dangerous man in the Third Reich. </p><p>The novel also explores the author&#39;s relationship with the Heydrich story and the characters within his own novel. Harvill Secker editorial director Stuart Williams called it &quot;an electrifyingly original, playful and inventive novel which simultaneously tells a nail-biting story of high bravery and<br />also expands the possibilities of fiction&quot;.</p>