Gervais accused of Flanimals 'plagiarism'

<p>Comedian and actor Ricky Gervais is being sued by an author claiming &quot;The Office&#39;s&quot; creator copied his work for the bestselling Flanimals books.</p><p>The BBC reports Norwich writer and artist John Savage has issued a High Court writ against Gervais claiming the books, which are published by Faber, copied his own unpublished <em>Captain Pottie&#39;s Wildlife Encyclopedia</em>.</p><p>He told the BBC: &quot;The next stage is the High Court will be sent a copy of the writ to Mr Gervais&#39; lawyers and they have two weeks to decide whether to defend or accede to my request.&quot;</p><p>A spokeswoman for Gervais said: &quot;This story goes back several years, when John Savage first made contact with Ricky Gervais&#39; representatives. At the time it was made clear that the concept and illustrations of <em>Flanimals </em>pre-existed John Savage&#39;s work. To date Ricky Gervais has not received any formal court proceedings from Mr Savage.&quot;</p>