Faber's Angel in swift debut pre-empt

Faber's Angel in swift debut pre-empt

Faber publisher Mitzi Angel has pre-empted a debut novel set in Trinidad and Tobago: There is Nothing for You Here by Claire Adam.

The two-book deal was done with Zoe Waldie at Rogers, Coleridge & White, within 48 hours. Faber will publish in 2018.

There is Nothing for You Here tells the story of a man determined to be a good father to his twin sons: one gifted, bordering on genius; the other a day-dreamer who hasn't learned to read. One day one of the twins is kidnapped, leaving the father to "act in ways a parent never imagines."

The author was born and raised in Trinidad and now lives in London. She has a degree in physics from Brown University in the US, and an MA in Creative Writing from Goldsmiths. 

Angel said: "This is a book about fatherhood, about family about growing up in poverty and longing for a better life. Most importantly, it's about what it feels like to hold a child or listen to tropical rain clamouring on the roof. Claire Adam brings her sense of rhythm, her keen perceptions, to this beautifully-crafted tale. Hers is a rare talent."