Faber signs three more from Leonard

<p>Faber has signed crime-thriller author Peter Leonard up for a further three novels, following on from two titles already published by the indie company.</p><p>The first title of the trio, <em>As the Romans Do</em>, is set in the Italian capital, and tells the story of two American students who find themselves, after a drunken night gone-wrong, caught up with the mob and forced to try their hand at kidnapping.</p><p>Faber said it was &quot;characterised once again by Leonard&#39;s brilliant plotting and razor-sharp dialogue&quot;. The publisher added it was &quot;confident that [the book] will continue to build his reputation as one of the very best new voices in contemporary crime writing.</p><p>The son of crime laureate Elmore Leonard, his debut <em>Quiver </em>was published in October 2008 and his follow-up, <em>Trust Me</em>, came out last week (17th September). There are no details on the second and third titles as yet. <br /><br /><br /> </p>