Faber Factory strengthens direct to consumer sales via Firsty Group

Faber Factory strengthens direct to consumer sales via Firsty Group

Faber has partnered with digital services company the Firsty Group to supply Faber Factory content for Glassboxx, the direct to consumer sales app.

Firsty will receive a data feed of all Faber Factory e-books, creating online product pages through which customers can access and buy the publisher’s digital content.

Glassboxx enables publishers to sell e-book and audio content directly from their own website using two fulfilment models, one which integrates into a publisher’s fulfilment process if its website is already transactional, and a second aimed at publishers who do not have e-commerce capabilities.  "Buy now" links can be embedded on social media accounts to increase the visibility of the titles.

Faber's move joins that of Atlantic Books, Pavilion Books and Quiller Publishing, which have all gone live with Glassboxx in recent weeks. 

Judith Gates, director of Faber Factory, said the company was always looking for new channels for clients and saw Glassboxx as a "welcome addition".

Firsty founder Darin Brockman said: "It’s an extremely challenging time for everyone throughout the industry, and we’re delighted to be partnering with Faber on this digital initiative, providing a cost-effective route to market for a publisher’s e-book and audio content." Firsty is waiving fulfilment costs at this "critical time", he added. 

Many independent publishers have been boosting direct-to-consumer sales in recent weeks, in an effort to become less reliant on third-party routes to market, damaged by the coronavirus lockdown.