Faber to commemorate William Golding centenary

Faber to commemorate William Golding centenary

Faber is marking 100 years since the birth of William Golding by issuing centenary editions of both Lord of the Flies and The Inheritors.

The books will carry a golden stamp announcing the anniversary, and will have specially commissioned introductions. The Shining author Stephen King has penned the introduction to Lord of the Flies, which was first published in 1954. Meanwhile, Professor John Carey has written the introduction to The Inheritors.

The latter was Golding's second novel, first published in 1955, with a plot that revolves around the extinction of the last tribe of Neanderthals. Both titles will be published on 4th August in paperback, priced £7.99.

Director of paperback publishing Hannah Griffiths said: "It is always a thrill to find a reason to look again at William Golding's fiction, and the centenary year offers just this opportunity."

On the specially designed new look and introductions, she said: "Stephen King and John Carey have written wonderful introductions, and Neil Gower's inspired new illustrations for these editions make 
a beautiful addition to Golding's design history."

Griffiths added: "Golding is a phenomenal Nobel Prize-winning author, but people think of one book . . . We are trying to give the reader a cue to say, 'if you love that, you'll love this, too.'"

She called Carey's introduction "a dream", while she said of King: "[He] was my transitional author, going from teen to adult reading, and I think that is what Lord of the Flies is for some people."

Faber is also publishing a memoir by Golding's daughter, Judy Golding, on 5th May. The Children of Lovers tells of her experiences growing up as her father became a famous novelist, as well as her adult reflections on his work.

Faber will be backing the new editions and celebrating the anniversary year with publicity and a consumer campaign, with a display of Golding's manuscripts also to be on show at the Bodleian Library from 5th to 23rd November. The display will include the Lord of the Flies manuscript, with other exhibits drawn from previously unseen archives held by Faber and the Bodleian's collections.